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Monthly Archives: October 2016

What Business Structure Is the Best?

Posted on by Murray & Lamb

Starting a new business is a massive undertaking for anyone, and central to future success is getting your business’s initial structure correct. With that in mind, what business structure is the best? That depends entirely on the needs of your business, and your decision will influence how you start your business, the taxes you’ll pay, … Continue reading

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Research & Development Tax Credits

Posted on by Murray & Lamb

2016 has seen Murray & Lamb increase the number of Research & Development claims for our clients. In conjunction with HMRC’s new Advance Assurance, we have put together claims for 16 different clients with a total R&D value of over £10m. These have resulted in savings of tax and tax credit refunds of over £1.1m. … Continue reading

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Time Is Money – Top Management Tips

Posted on by Murray & Lamb

Managing a business is a tough affair. A lot of the time it’s about balance – balancing the needs of today against the needs of tomorrow. Careful management strategies are thus required to achieve this balance, and among them is diligent bookkeeping. With the right techniques you can ensure that your business is the success … Continue reading

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